• Things Your Cheerleader Will Need!

    Things Your Cheerleader Will Need! Sunscreen (Be sure to apply prior to putting on uniform as sunscreen can yellow the white of the unifor... More
  • Cheerleader General Rules

    General Rules: 1. No food or snacks during game 2. Cheerleaders MUST stay on field at all times during practices and games (no going to ca... More
  • LHYFC 2020 Tackle Football Schedule

    Week 1    09/12/20:             Freshman vs MF                                          9 am               @ LH             JV Purple (Lem... More
  • LHYFC Cheer Practice Schedule

    The Cheerleaders will practice Monday - Thursday the week of August 10th - 13th from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm. Starting August 17th - through the re... More